Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How to cloth diaper your baby for under $100

There are many reasons to use cloth diapers.  Some parents use them because cloth diapers are environmentally-friendly, while others love how much money cloth diapers save them.  Often, it is a combination of these and other cloth diaper benefits that lead parents to decide to cloth diaper their children.

As Stella's Baby Boutique's founder and owner, I was first attracted to cloth diapering because of the savings.  Sadly, many parents feel they are unable to switch to cloth diapers because the initial costs can be intimidating.  In fact, parents who are living in poverty are sometimes forced to resort to reusing disposable diapers.

When I heard about this, I decided to design a package that allows my customers to diaper their children from birth to potty-training for less than $100 total. That's right.  You can cloth diaper for under $100!

The package includes the following items:
  1. 6 Buttons diaper covers of the buyer's choice
  2. 15 Osocozy flat diapers
  3. 2-pack of Snappis diaper fasteners
  4. 1 Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter
Purchased separately, these items would cost well over $100, but if you purchase the package, the entire lot is just $99.  And it ships for free!

In addition to the items listed above, this package also comes with an informational brochure to help those who are new to cloth diapering figure out how best to utilize this package in order to best meet your child's needs.  Stella's Baby Boutique is always available to help answer cloth diapering questions.  Email us anytime!

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